Old Scholars' Cup 2009

Taken from Ackworth Today, October 2009. Volume 14 Issue 1

The Old Scholars' cup is awarded in recognition of outstanding service to the community. This support for, and involvement in, all that goes on in School is something we value greatly and encourage from date one. Each year, therefore, there are many names brought forward for consideration. This ear the award was presented to Lucas Ainsworth by Donald Elliot, President of the Ackworth Old Scholars' Association (AOSA). Lucas has been involved in a great many clubs and activities in his time here and he has done excellent work on the technical side of school productions and events. His support of other students, his willingness to help out in all areas, his warm personality and good sense of humour have all been much appreciated. We thank him for being such a positive influence in School over the years.

Lorna Anthony

Citation for Old Scholars’ Cup 2009

This year we are, once again, recognising a student whose contributions are widespread and yet often unseen.

They have been recognised as someone who will always do whatever is needed to make events run smoothly without regard to personal inconvenience. For example this person has been happy to turn up at an early hour to help guide visitors to the school on Open Mornings or help calm nerves of those attending their entrance exam.

This person has supported a very wide range of activities and has given time and effort even when the activity has not been a particular strength. In this way they have encouraged others to partake in a number of activities.

He has been a regular help in the sports centre and has been a regular attender at the Under 18s soccer training and has been a keen participant in the school’s 5-a-side league. He has supported the Bridge Club, Archery Club and Duke of Edinburgh Gold scheme.

He has been of great help at the EFL drop in sessions and he volunteered to help in the International Centre multi media lessons.

Many staff have had cause to be grateful for his work on the technical side of school productions and for many years he has been responsible for the sound and lighting in school productions – he has been utterly reliable. He has also been prepared to give of his time for other staged events for example he recently volunteered to delay his holiday to help provide technical support during the Bridge Film Festival and Sunday evening readings have often relied on his presence for their smooth operation. For the last three years this person has also been responsible for lighting at all the Coram house productions; nothing is ever too much trouble, and he has shown a real strength and maturity when dealing with the younger pupils.

As Head of Boys school house this person has been an excellent role model for the younger boys by the way in which he has had such a strong involvement in the wider life of the school. He has been a very positive influence in House and his warm personality and good sense of humour have been much appreciated.

He is, of course, Lucas Ainsworth.