The Celebration Park

The background to the Celebration Park is chronicled in a statement at the 2006 Annual General Meeting and recorded on pages 39 and 40 of the 2006 Report.

A second statement was made at the Annual Meeting at Easter 2007 and reported in this current Old Scholars’ magazine entitled TREES ANNOUNCEMENT.

The site, a meadow just beyond the Sports hall, is where the Celebration Park is to be established and we are now ready to proceed. A tree supplier, prepared to meet our needs rather than supply hundreds and thousands of single species has been found.

The list of trees available are shown below and the price quoted covers the cost of the tree, VAT, delivery, planting and accessories. The trees are container grown and 7-8 foot tall.

Common Oak £43.00
Silver Birch £36.00
Red Oak £47.00
Maple £47.00
Sweet Chestnut £43.00
Rowan £45.00
Beech £45.00
Lime £47.00
Ash £44.00
Ulmus Elm (disease free) £110.00
Shrubs - Buddleia (sold in tens) £36.00
Franchetti (sold in tens ) £36.00
Fothergilli (one) £30.00

Hardwood bench seats would be welcome and can be obtained for £260.00.

All orders and cheques to Ackworth School Estates Ltd – Acknowledgements will be sent.

For their help and co-operation grateful thanks are extended to John Lebeter – Bursar and Steve Slack – ASEL.

A record of Donors,trees and siting position will be kept in the Bursar’s Office.

Walter Fearnley’s comment that “Ackworth offered no facility to acknowledge people,” well, it does now and we trust Old Scholars will support it.