The New Grand Piano Arrives

Old scholars may recall an article in the annual report of 2003, appealing for donations towards the purchase of a new grand piano for the music school. After much fund raising and searching for the right instrument the school has found a beautiful Yamaha Grand.

This Easter I had the great privilege of playing for hours a whole variety of repertoire on the newly acquired instrument what bliss oh to have one in the front room!

The lovely black glossy case with deep shine that you can see your face in beckons. It is not looks that count, of course, with musical instruments but the sound and with pianos particularly, the touch. I have always had a high regard for Yamahas; however, they do vary in quality and character. Picking an instrument with good tone and an even, responsive touch can take a lot of searching. So would this instrument live up to the expectations of its good looks? Oh yes! The school has chosen a diamond. It has a lovely tone throughout the range and did everything I asked of it.

I understand that the music department guards its usage carefully to protect its pristine condition. Grateful thanks to all who assisted in the fund raising, the piano will be a marvellous asset to the school for years to come.

Nicola Hargreave