Sixth Form 2006-2007

In April 2007 we finally made it – the Sixth Form reached 100 for the first time. This landmark figure served to highlight what has been a very successful year for the Sixth Form. Academically our students continue to achieve high standards both in terms of overall statistics but also, and more importantly, in terms of pleasing individual performances. University applications have been very successfully with four students winning places at Oxbridge colleges and many others receiving offers for places on very competitive courses. However, as Old Scholars will appreciate, life in the Sixth Form is not all about work, and the year has been punctuated with successful social, artistic and charitable occasions. The Staff/Sixth Form entertainment (“Pop” to you) was the highlight of Charity week, which raised a record sum for two charities and which helped to cement relationships between students and staff; no-one could quite believe the remarkable metamorphosis of the Six Form Boys into young “women” in their song and dance sketch, but we have the photographic evidence! Our leavers’ meeting was an emotional occasion and reminded us all of the depth of the sense of community and friendship which continues to underpin life in Ackworth’s Sixth Form. All Sixth Form leavers now have life membership of the Ackworth Old Scholar’s Association. We hope this will strengthen links within groups and with the school – helping all to “keep bright the chain”.

Andrew Ward

Head of 6th Form