This is the web site of the Ackworth School Old Scholars' Association.

The website contains material which complements the Annual Report which is published around Founders Day every Autumn term.

We hope the website contains information that is of interest and/or use to you, however without new material it is difficult to keep updated. To this end the committee have appointed a website editor, David Bunney who is attempting to co-ordinate new material. If you have any ideas or content please send it to . Thanks!

Easter 2013

Final versions of the programme and letter are available via these links: programme and letter.

The booking form for the Easter gathering and accompanying letter are currently being printed and distributed. Electronic copies are available via the easter page.

Easter 2012 Photos

Photographs taken during the 2012 gathering are now available via the links page.

Researching Former Pupils

The Old Scholars' Association only maintains a membership list of current members and does not have any historical information about pupils who have passed through the school. The school, on the other hand, maintains an archive which covers the life of the school.

Consequently if you are trying to find out details of former pupils, for instance their time at school and achievements, it is suggested that you contact the school directly and they should be able to put you in touch with the school archivist.


Old Scholars on the Web

As the 21st century continues the nature of mass communication is rapidly changing. I was fortunate to be at university during the birth of the world wide web. At that time there was a mailing list that people could subscribe to that gave information about the new websites that were being added each day. This was way before the rise of such powerful companies such as Google and at that time paper was the way that information was disseminated in the form of printed reports and directories.

This has now all changed. In this electronic age, many people now turn to computers as their primary source of information. Society is morphing into an always on 24/7 culture and the future holds the promise of mobile data access in which people won't be tied to their desks and increasingly will be able to browse from their mobile phones or other personal devices. The rise of the web is inexorable as evidenced by the explosion of social networking sites such as facebook over the last couple of years.

The Association realised a few years ago about the importance of having a presence on the web and has has this dedicated website for a number of years. Unfortunately like the rest of the running of the Association, the website is maintained by a few volunteers in their rare spare time and so over the years the site has suffered from a degree of stagnancy.

My hope as one of those maintainers is that this website should grow to compliment the AOSA report that is produced every autumn but in order to fulfill that desire the website needs a regular supply of information and photos to display. Personally I'm not looking to produce something to rival the social networking sites as that would require too much time and money rather I think the AOSA website is a resource available for the society to use in order to help disseminate information that members might find of interest or use.

So if you have any information you wish to display on the AOSA website, whether ideas, words, photos or a combination please get in touch.

You can reach me at .

Meeting House Roof Appeal

The school has started an appeal to raise substantial funds to help repair the Meeting House Roof. More details are here.

Missing Members

Please look at the missing members page and let the membership secretary know of any of the listed members current details you know. Thanks.