Programme Information

The following letter was included with the programme:

Dear Easter Gatherer,

Please find enclosed the Final Programme for Easter 2009. You’ll see lots of familiar activities in addition to some new ones and we hope that you’ll join in as much as possible and have a fun-filled weekend. I’m sure that you have all been busy preparing your acts for Pop this year.

During Easter Weekend you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. I would ask that you do this as honestly as possibly to enable me to shape future Easter Gatherings. All returned questionnaires will be entered into a prize draw – lucky winners will be announced in the Annual Report.

If there are any pianists who will be in school for Sunday Evening Reading this Easter, and who would be happy to play the piano for the 2 hymns in the meeting house, please do make yourselves known to me before Easter Sunday! I am also looking for volunteers to run arts and crafts activities during the weekend – the activities are prepared and ready to go, but will need a responsible adult to monitor the materials and explain what to do.

Dennis Parker is retiring after 19 years of organising the Local Walk on Easter Sunday. This is an outstanding commitment to the Easter Programme and I know that many of you will have been walking with Dennis and would want to join me in thanking him. Mike McRobert has kindly agreed to lead the walk that Dennis has prepared for this Easter, but I am looking for someone to take over for future Easter Sunday rambles. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me.

Finally, I will be heading up north for Easter on Wednesday 8th April, so if you need to get hold of me after Tueaday, please use my mobile number or email address as I will not receive letters or be able to access landline messages until after Easter weekend!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Best Wishes,

Sal & The Easter Team!

Programme Details

Friday 10th April 2009
From 1250LunchGDR
1400Board GamesCentre Library
1400Film Matinee – The Easter Egg AdventureBSH Common Room
1600RefreshmentsCentre Library
1630Children’s Easter Egg Hunt – UNDER 11s ONLYCentre Library
1815President’s WelcomeCentre Library
From 1830DinnerGDR/BDR
1915Children’s Film - TBCCommon Room
2100Nominations CommitteeHR
2200Adults’ Film - TBCBSH Common Room
Saturday 11th April 2009
From 0820BreakfastGDR/BDR
0930Devotional MeetingMeeting House
1000Ackworth Old Scholars’ Association Committee MeetingFiction Library
1000Big Ball FootballThe Green
1000Easter Egg PaintingArt Room
1030CoffeeCentre Library
1100Move to Music with Shirley DayGymn
1130Pointless But Fun!The Green
From 1250LunchGDR/BDR
1400School Today with Jeffrey SwalesMusic Centre
1400Rock-It Ball!Sports Centre
1500TeaCentre Library
1530Bring ‘N’ Busk!Centre Library
1530Children’s Drama Workshop – UNDER 11s ONLYThe Gymn
1700The Annual General Meeting of the Ackworth Old Scholars’ AssociationFothergill Theatre
1700Children’s Party including Tea & FilmBSH Common Room
1800Formal Dinner including wine which has been anonymously donated this year. SMART NOT CASUALGDR/BDR
1930After-Dinner Speech with Chris RengertFothergill Theatre
Followed by CoffeeCentre Library
2100Easter AuctionGDR
Sunday 12th April 2009
From 0920BreakfastGDR/BDR
1000Easter Bonnet MakingArt Room
1045Meeting for WorshipMeeting House
1100Click, Edit & Exhibit with Elspeth MooreMeet Centre Library
1130CoffeeCentre Library
1200Moroccan Misadventure with Chris BanksMusic Centre
From 1250LunchGDR/BDR
1300Local WalkMeet GDR 1230
1400Teen Spirit with Elspeth MooreMeet Centre Library
1400Off The Rails?! with Jeffrey SwalesThe Barn
1500TeaCentre Library
1530Easter Bonnet ParadeThe Terrace
1600Egg and Spoon RaceThe Green
1630Roll Me Over!The Green
From 1720DinnerGDR/BDR
1800Children’s Film - TBCBSH Common Room
1900Evening Reading: Address by Martin DickinsonMeeting House
2000Easter Team ChallengeGDR
2130CoffeeCentre Library
2200Adults’ Film - TBCBSH Common Room
Monday 13th April 2009
From 0820BreakfastGDR/BDR
0900Easter Art CompetitionArt Room
0930Devotional MeetingMeeting House
1000BadsworthMeet Inn’s Yard
1030CoffeeCentre Library
1100Move to Music with Shirley DayThe Gymn
1100HockeyCricket Pitch
From 1250LunchGDR/BDR
1400Sports Finals throughout the afternoon
1400Teen Spirit with Elspeth MooreMeet Centre Library
1500Big Ball FootballThe Green
1530RefreshmentsCentre Library
1600Poetry Hour with Eunice MortimerFiction Library
1600Cricket for AllThe Green
1700OrienteeringCentre Library
From 1800DinnerGDR/BDR
1900Pop!Fothergill Theatre
followed by Grand FinaleBDR
2030CoffeeCentre Library
followed by Beetle DriveBSH Common Room
2200Adults’ Film - TBCBSH Common Room
Tuesday 14th April 2000
From 0750BreakfastGDR


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Tuesday0700 - 0800

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